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Coffee Roaster

 By: Sweet Coffee S.r.l. Italia

Espresso Machines

 By: BFC S.r.l. Italia

Coffee Grinders

By: Quamar S.r.l.  Italia



100% Made In Italy
  • Baristas Accessories
  • Bench-Porta-Filter & Tamper
  • Adjustble-Tamper
  • Blenders & More…


Italian Manufacturers Meeting Expectations

APAEMS Inc. offers a full line of coffee equipment and accessories, 100% Made in Italy. This includes the Gemma coffee roasters, BFC commercial espresso machines, and the complete line of Quamar professional coffee grinders & accessories.

Equipment lease and professional training for your new or existing coffee business are also available. If you are looking to roast for your customers the most flavorful green coffee beans from around the world, we will be honored to work with you.

APAEMS Inc: Where Product Excellence is Grounded in Italian Manufacturing Quality & Aesthetic Appeal From the design concept to finished product, all our equipment is crafted in one country: Italy.

Our identity reflects the Italian values where everything is manufactured and locally sourced. Each of our equipment is prized because they are the embodiment of “Made in Italy” and because the production philosophy was always based on high quality, engineering design and elegance. The Italian master-craftsmen skills, whose expertise is passed down from one generation to the next, are evident in our products. “Knowing hands” are essential to making a product of such premium manufacturing quality as the Gemma coffee roasters, BFC espresso machines, and Quamar professional coffee grinders. 

And because safeguarding the Made in Italy reputation also depends on the supply chain, all materials and parts used in our equipment are 100% Italian.

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