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Our international success is based on our seriousness, reliability, professionalism but above all for the quality of our products. We are now looking for new distributors in the U.S. states. If you are interested in becoming a distributor! please contact Us or visit our main corporate office-show room in Florida. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the Distributorship business opportunity a franchise?

A.  No. This is a truly unique business opportunity to build your own distribution company in a protected geographic territory. There are no franchise fees, no royalties, no co-op advertising fees, etc. Distributors purchase our Coffee Roasters, Espresso Machine and Grinders at a set discount and re-sell in their respective exclusive territories.

Q. What is the typical initial investment required ?

A. –  A Distributor is typically required to have an initial minimum inventory investment of $35,000 to $100,000. to become our Distributor. 

Q. Can a Distributor acquire additional territory?
A-  Yes. Distributors are always afforded the opportunity to acquire additional Distributorship territories providing that they can demonstrate that they have the business experience, the sales & marketing savvy and the financial resources to develop a larger area.
Q. What type of office and warehousing space is required?

A-   A Distributors can initially establish offices and storage space about 750 square feet and up. 

Q. What experience should a Distributor have?
A-   This business requires financial stability, a sound business background, excellent marketing and sales skills, plus very strong communication skills.
Q. Do you need experience in mechanic engineering ?

A-    No. Some of our Distributors had no technical backgrounds at all when they joined us. We will teach you all you need to know about the technical aspects of this business and will continue to support your growth during the months and years to come.

Q. Does Your Company provide on-going support?

A-   Yes. As was stated earlier, all Distributors can attend a Training Seminar at our main office in Hollywood Florida 33020, then we can provides on-going sales and technical support, both via email or by phone.

Q. Can a Distributor hire his or her own sales people to help them develop their territories?

A-   Yes. Hiring sales representatives to help them sell Coffee Roaster, Espresso Machine, Grinders and coffee ralated supply to Restaurants, individually owned Coffee Shops, Food Market and franchising. Recruiting is a vital aspect of our company philosophy. Often sales people work on a straight-commission basis.

Q. Can a Distributor sell his business if he or she chooses?
A-    Yes. The bigger the Distributor becomes, the more the business is worth. Your Distributorship may be sold just like any other business.
Q. How do I begin the process of becoming a Distributor?
A-    It usually starts with a personal visit to our office in Hollywood Florida. We will be very pleased to schedule an appointment to have the opportunity to meet face to face and ask as many questions as you like. Assuming there is a mutual desire to go forward, we will take the necessary steps to start the process of getting you into the multibillion dollar business of the coffee world extraordinary and exciting business so you can take full advantage of this truly unique opportunity.


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