The Story of Gemma  The Gemma Coffee Roaster was born in the ‘90s, in Torino Italy. As the manufacturer, Sweet Coffee Italia takes pride for developing one of the highest quality Italian artisan coffe roaster, specifically designed to fit small spaces in any public space including coffee shops, grocery stores, and restaurants.    The Gemma roaster is available in various colors: 


Reduce Your Costs and Improve Your Profits by roasting your own Coffee Beans.

  •  By roasting your own, your supply costs for coffee drop by about half. Cost for commercial green coffee per lb. $ 1.50 – $ 2.50 
  • Complimentary, we will help you creating coffee blends that best suits your needs. Having local, fresh roasted coffee is a great way to differentiate yourself from your competitors, and it also allows you to add another line of business by selling coffee retail under your own label.
  • No additional staff costs involved, as any person can operate Gemma thanks to the main control panel that allows selecting up to 10 different preset programmed type of roasting profiles. Cost of labor (load green coffee and unload roasted coffee) about $ 0.50 per batch 
  • No increase in electricity cost, as Gemma has only 13Amps. Cost of energy consumed per badge about $ 0.15cents
  • No Special Permit needed to install & use Gemma at your location. Gemma Micro Roaster is UL & NSF Certified, meaning that is complying with Health Department requirements. No other permits are necessary because the machine is electric, with 220V/60Hz Voltage, 3,2Kw/3200 Watts Power, and 13 Amperage.
  • Lease Your Roaster And Own It Today For Less Than $10.00/Day.  Apply Online Today!  Lease payments are fully tax deductible as a business expense. The terms of the leasing contract are: once all payment are paid you will have the option to buy for one Dollar.

Gemma Roaster

Gemma is an electric, fully automatic coffee roaster which doesn’t require knowledge in roasting coffee, thanks to the main control panel that allows selecting up to 10 different preset programmed type of roasting profiles, from light to dark roast. Those 10 programs can be changed, and adjusted at any time, based on your preferences. You may roast different batch sizes (250 grams, half kilo, etc… with the maximum of 2 kg (4.5 lbs)), with consistent results.
Our fully automated, countertop coffee roaster can consistently roast up to 4.5 lbs of green beans per cycle, has the capacity to produce over  100 lbs. of retail-ready coffee per day, enabling you to roast your own artisan coffee in front of your customers.

With the Artisan roaster from Sweet Coffee USA, newcomers will be roasting beans within 30 minutes after installation and ready to offer the best tasting coffee their customers have ever experienced.



Gemma ensures even roast development throughout each bean, resulting in pure taste at the desired roast profile.

  • Beans roasted gently inside & out
  • Chaff and small particles are blown away by air stream; not present later to affect taste
  • Narrow roast profiles attained (inside and outside of bean roasted to same degree)
  • No bitter or sour tastes
  • Consistency delivered by computerized roast master; same roast profile every time.

Easy to operate in

3 Simple Steps:

1st: Choose one of the ten pre-set programmed roasting profiles.

Gemma will start the pre-heating cycle.

2nd: Load the green coffee.

 When it reach the right temperature based on the roasting profile chosen, a warning sound will notify you to release the green coffee beans inside the drum.

3rd: Unload the freshly roasted coffee.

 It will take approximately 20 to 25 minutes until you will hear another beep warning you that the roasting is finished, and coffee is cold ( Gemma cools the coffee inside the drum).

Technical Data
  •  Voltage 220 Volt
  • Sigle-Phase 60Hz
  • Power 3,2Kw / 3200 Watts
  • Noise Level 52 dB (A)
  • Amps 13 Amps
  • Roasting Cycle 2 Kgs.
  • Cooling Automatic Internal
  • Dimension Cm. W 70 D 76 H 72
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